This is a very clump prone formula and always has been, please do not purchase if you’re not comfortable with some clumps that may require breaking up with the scoop and will dissolve in water.

We strongly recommend storing open tubs in the freezer to ensure the pre is usable right till the last scoop! As the freezer is the driest place in the house and will prevent further clumping while you make use of the pre.


Not for Beginners – half scoop is ideal (6g) once you are ready, the full 12g scoop can be enjoyable however there is a a chance of crashing if you have not eaten adequate carbs.

The crash doesn’t seem so much related to the pre as it does the insane workout you might be getting from it – so stack with some carbs and / or add some Tyrosine in your post workout concoction OR simply enjoy the fact that you will be able to sleep after using this pre if you’re a night-time trainer.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you – this pre is next level!


Serving Size 1 – Scoop = 12g

Servings Per container = 30




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