HALKON EAAs+CBD is a new synthesis full-spectrum amino acid complex that maximizes muscle recovery, repair and growth. Packed with 20mg of CBD per serving to combat muscle inflammation, soreness, and chronic pain. This super-complex also contains 1,000mg of coconut water powder and electrolytes for superior hydration. When you give it your all in the gym or doing any type of serious training, you need the best, you need HALKON EAAs+CBD!


  • Build muscle
  • Maximizes muscle recovery
  • Build strength
  • Boost Endurance
  • Optimizes muscle protein synthesis
  • Reduces muscle inflammation and soreness
  • Easy on the stomach – no bloating
  • Restores & replenishes nutrients
  • Low insulin spike
  • Delicious and easy to drink
  • No lactose (dairy-free)
  • Gluten Free
  • Low Calorie
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