The sports supplement industry has been around quite a while. In the 1950s, with recreational and competitive bodybuilding becoming increasingly popular, Irvin P. Johnson began to popularize and market egg-based protein powders aimed specifically at bodybuilders and physical athletes. The 1970s and 1980s marked a dramatic increase in the growth of the bodybuilding supplement industry. In the mid to late 90s we started to see an increase in steroids and prohormones sold over the counter but the FDA put a stop to this practice for the most part. Fast forward to today 2021 and the sports supplement industry is a MASSIVE multibillion dollar industry. Over the years thousands of supplement brands have sprung up and more products than anyone can count have been released, however, with this giant influx of products we have not seen a major influx of innovation. Most supplement brands are either 100% vanilla with protein powder, creatine and aminos or they try to have an edge but still wind up just cloning whatever they think is selling well. Things need to change and in 2021 we plan on being the change we want to see in the world.
Androgin is a finely tuned formula years in the making, the most advanced plant based anabolic available today. But of course every company says their product is the “best new product ever”!!! Obviously as most of you know this is RARELY the case. The vast majority of the time we are let down.
Not this time……

INGREDIENTS and how they work.

Life on the fringe. The fringe is where real breakthroughs are made. In the mainstream, supplement companies primary goal is selling you something. The goal at Black lion research is innovation and forwarding nutraceutical science while delivering products that are above and beyond the norm. Its always surprised me that companies with billions of dollars dont spend time researching because there are alot of amazing discoveries just under our noses. Many in the world of ancient chinese medicine.
For example it has been know for thousands of years that ginseng had some magical properties and it is widely used and sold worldwide. If, however, you are one of those who has given ginseng a try you will notice that while it may or may not have an effect it seems very mild at best. Why then has it been used for so long? In my experience the ancient Chinese were rarely wrong in their assessment of a plants potential. Its us in the 22 century that have missed the mark. At Black Lion research we like to do our due dilligence. If we hear rumor or read a study indicating that a plant may have ergogenic properties we investigate. On the odd occasion we find that the plant indeed has potential but 100% of the time its not the plant per se, but the chemicals within that have the power.

Enter Ginsenosides./ Ginenoside cyclodextrin complex.
Ginsenosides The term Ginsenoside was conceived to describe a class of many molecules that are found in
Ginseng. The term refers to steroidal saponins (structures with a dammarane steroid backbone. Ginsenosides unique structure is similar to many anabolic steroids. There are well over 100 ginsenosides some of which are not found in ginseng.
Its not hard to see the structural similarities between ginsenosides and anabolic hormones like testosterone and dianabol. Of course this doesnt always translate or mean that something will be anabolic but its a good starting point.


We started digging deeper into the research and found that many of the ginsenosides do in fact behave similar to anabolic steroids but they seem to be….different. Each one of the ginsenosides having its own unique properties but among them are some of the strongest candidates for natural steroid analogues I have come across. Many of the ginsenosides bind directly to the androgen receptor (AR) and have an effect there. But they also do so much more. Its been reported that some ginsenosides upregulated AR mRNA expression levels and promote testosterone level increase. Something we dont normally see in anabolic steroids as most are suppressive. Ginsenosides appear to have the opposite effect. Not only do (some) ginsenosides bind to the AR but they also promote better functioning androgen receptors and higher endogenous anabolic steroid levels.

Lets take a closer look at some of the individual ginsenosides and their effects.

Is one of the most active components of panax ginseng with various biological activities. RG1 increases androgen receptor functioning while increasing testosterone levels and decreasing cortisol. This is interesting because RG1 binds directly to androgen receptors which increases levels of mTOR and S6, the major drivers of anabolism. Conversely RG1 also decreases MURF1 and Atrogin1 which are the major drivers of muscle loss. Studies into the effects of RG1 showed increases in muscle mass and strength along with significant fat loss. RG1’s anti-adipogenic (anti fat) and anti obesity effects are thought to work through inducing AMPK activation, inhibiting lipogenesis, and decreasing intracellular lipid content, adipocyte size, and adipose weight. We also see increased insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. These effects are interesting seeing as many of them seem to conflict each other but in vivo testing shows RG1 to be exceptionally anabolic compared to anything else natural we have seen.
Also binds directly to the androgen receptor, but, again via a unique feedback loop INCREASES lutinizing hormone and testosterone levels instead of suppressing it like other anabolic androgen receptor binding steroid hormones. A SARM is the best way to describe as it binds to specific receptors and not others while having unique properties at the AR binding site. So direct anabolism via AR binding similar to RG1. RB1 also significantly upregulates Ghrelin. Ghrelin is known as the hunger hormone but it should be known for its ability to stimulate growth hormone secretion and many of the peptides we use to stimulate growth hormone secretion are ghrelin mimetics. Finally RB1 reduces the cascade of inflammatory cytokines and inflammatory factors that lead to catabolism and it is through this mechanism by which it decreases muscle loss. So again we see muscle growth and a reduction of muscle loss but in opposition to RG1 we would expect RB1 to make you hungry.
Is different from the previous 2 ginsenosides as it is more of a performance enhancer and fat burner. RB2 activates CK-MM activity in vitro and in vivo, which increases the levels of tissue phosphocreatine and strengthens the function of the creatine kinase/phosphocreatine system in skeletal muscle, thus buffering cellular ATP, delaying exercise-induced lactate accumulation, and improving exercise performance. In addition RB2 combats bodyfat by improving insulin sensitivity and increasing energy expenditure. Rb2 induces activation of brown fat and browning of white fat by reducing lipid droplets. This increase in brown fat helps to increase energy expenditure and thermogenesis, and consequently ameliorates bodyfat levels
Briefly running through the other ginsenosides in ANGROGIN>
RE -Ginsenoside Re is a partial agonist of the AR
RF Ginsenoside Rf alleviated neuropathic pain and its associated depression and restored the balance between proinflammatory and anti‐inflammatory cytokines. RF is great for reducing exercise associated pain and prevents catabolism associated with inflammatory cytokine cascade.
RD-nf-kb inhibitor. NF-KB is primary in elevating MUFR1 and Atrogin1 the major components in muscle loss and atrophy.
RC- increased insulin sensitivity, reduced ROS, increased glucose uptake into muscle cells. Anti inflammatory. Gaba receptor agonist. Reduces inflammatory cytokines.


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Consists of a standardized cistanch extract containing no less than 30% echinacoside with an average of 15% acteoside and 5% tubuloside -a in a cyclodextrin inclusion complex.
Echinacoside is wonderful stuff. Like some of the ginsenosides ECH shows direct androgen receptor binding activity and anabolic action. And, like its ginsenoside counterparts it has the very strange action of elevating lutinizing hormone and testosterone in spite of being directly anabolic. ECH inhibits the negative feedback loop caused by testosterone which in turn increases testosterone further. Its like having a steroid that works at the androgen receptor but also largely increases testosterone potentially to much higher than normal levels when combined with the other SARMS in this mix. ECH has even been suggested for use as a novel male fertility agent similar to Clomephene.
ECH and growth hormone. We have seen that ginsenosides closely resemble anabolic hormones but ECH closely resembled Ghrelin and binds directly to the same receptor. This is the same way that GHRP6 works and in studies ECH was just about as potent as GHRP6 at increasing growth hormone levels. In short ECH is a natural GHRP and works as well as many of the growth hormone peptides we use in bodybuilding.
So, ECH is both a SARM and a GHRP analogue and works as a major fertility agent.
Acteoside cyclodextrin complex
ACT works very similarly to ECH with regards to growth hormone secretion and is nearly as strong on this front but it also strongly inhibits NF-KB one of the primary pathways for muscle atrophy so it preserves muscle gains.
Tubuloside-A cyclodextrin complex
TUB works on HGH levels similarly to ECH anc ACT but with modestly less binding affinity.


BIO-X bioavailability complex
So you may be asking yourself why are ginsenosides not widely used if they are so great? And why do we not see massive use of Echinacoside if its a SARM and GHRP?
2 things. 1. These compounds in high 98% standardized extracts are exceptionally expensive. upwards of 3000-4000$ per kilo. Epicatechin is 400$ per kilo. for comparison. 2. Bioavailability. Ginsenosides show variable oral bioavailability but overall it is low and Echinacoside with show a nearly 0 bioavailability without significant assistance. So we have had so work some considerable magic to make this work well orally. But…trade secrets :)
1. Cyclodextrins. All of the active ingredients are in a cyclodextrin inclusion complex.
2. Citrus bioflavanoids Nobiletin, tangeretin, hisperetin.
4. Piperine

I wont go far into how and why this works partially because it took alot of work, time, effort and money to test and prove but also because most wont care. Needless to say we have figured out how to make something with basically no oral bioavailability have significant oral bioavailability.
The end result is something to behold and internal testing shows that this combination is easily on par with some chemical SARMs and GH peptides.
Presently there is nothing, I am absolutely certain, that compares to this.
You’ll see!




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