Ok this product is actually excellent value for money, at first glance it looks like a really expensive BCAA supplement, but let me start by saying it 620g. So even if we just want to compare it to your average decent BCAA formula which is around 300g for $54.95 then this is already a fair price. You could take one scoop and get the same dose of BCAA’s in any normal BCAA supplement (3g Leucine, 1.5 L-Valine, 1.5 L-Isoleucine). But this is designed to be a two scoop supplement as Matt has designed it to spike mTOR which is better explained below. However there are two other things I want to mention quickly first before you read one, 1. This product contains a full dose of phosphatic acid at 800mg – that product alone has produced considerable clean gains for people in studies and I personally sell a phosphadic acid supplement for 69.95 on its own. Then 2. The amino’s are Ajipure which are the highest quality vegetable derived amino’s available on the market, on top of that we have some added EAA’s salts and electrolytes for rehydration and absorption. I love high end products like this – if your going to take BCAA’s you may as well take the best available and remember at one scoop this would last you twice as long as your average BCAA tub + all the extras built in.

Check out the video breakdown:


This is the best BCAA supplement I have discovered so far!



You guys all know by now I don’t BS and fabricate things when it comes to my supplement lin or my coaching method. I am here to deliver the highest quality ingredient in truly ffective dosages. I am not reinventing the wheel as people often say, but I am setting a gold-standar r supplement quality assurance.


  • Multi-faceted anti-catabolic formula for rigorous dieting or mass-gaining phases
  • Highest dosed Mediator PA® formula on the market (800 mg of PA)
  • Ajipure® Pharmaceutical grade Essential Amino Acids
  • Exceptional price value for the potency of each branded ingredient





Supplement companies have been known to throw around that word rather loosely without proo in their pudding.

To claim something to be of harmaceutical-grade purity, the ingredient needs to oblige by set standards of the Uited Sates Parmacopoeia ( USP). Not only that, but to follow a precise Pharmaceutical monograph.  

Simply put — A specific harmaceutical monograph is a document that describes an ingredient n full disclosure. It will reveal its ackage, storage, and abeling requirements; and information n tests needed to ensure the substance is of the appropriate strength, quality, and purity.  

Now I am sure many of you reading this have seen pronounced label bullet points claiming “Pharmaceutical Grade” or “high quality” or “100% pure” and that surely appeals to you. But how can you be so sure that the quality is everything the company claims it is? Unless you see specific label markings, such as TradeMarked ™ 3rd party companies unique logo or fine prin claiming their involvement — ou will then be forced to email the company direct.


Patiently awaiting the company to respond back with a legit CO (Crtificate O Aalysis) might not be something you want to invest your patience with.

I wanted to come out with the “Humatrope of Amino Acid formulas”, the “Mercedes Benz of Aminos

Yes I sai “Humatrope” and used it as a precise reference for the quality of my Esential Ain Aid Formula — PharmGrade™. I like this example because it’s straight to the point.

Bodybuilders, and anyone in the Fitness industry that is familiar with Performance Enhancement Pharmaceuticals know that the prescription rowth Hormon(GH) product umatrope , made by the Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly is of utmost quality. Bodybuilders and Fitness Enthusiasts will oftentimes pay a premium price for the peace of mind and assurance of quality. While the person that is frugal with income will take a gamble on impur, ow grade, and oftentimes ounterfeit products from hina — Can you afford to play Russian Roulette with your hard-earned money?


This is  high-potency Amino Acid formula. To be more precise — it is an Essential Amino Acid formula with a ittle something extra to make it that much more effective and sought after. I added an exciting new ingredient that has been recently studied to ignite muscle growt via–>mTOR activation.

The added ingredient is a atented nutraceutical from our good friends at Chemi Nutra .

Phosphatidic Acid, or ediator® (Trademarked name) is a naturally occurring hospholipid that is vital in the functioning of cell-membranes and initiating cell signaling — namely mTOR  nd the proliferation of muscle cells. There has been several published research papers demonstrating Phosphatidic Acid to stimulate mTOR signaling pathways — which basically means thi ingredient will initiate mscl potein synthesis and spark potential muscle growt, an strength gains.

One study showed subjects taking 750 mg of Phosphatidic Acid per day combined with resistance-training 4x a week achieved 50% greater increase in muscle cross-sectional area and lean body mass. A 40% greater increase in total strength (upper and lower body), and 60% greater loss in body fat than the training-only group.

To wrap up the awesomeness of Phosphatidic Acid will just say that this is one of the very few cutting-edge ingredients that sparked my interest, and made me curious enough to dig into the research. I can confidently say that this added ingredient will make my Essential Aino Ai formula truly ne-of-a-kind.




I could have used a few other sources that claim such quality, but I rather not penny pinch and go with the very best — AjiPure ™ amino acids.

I am sure you have heard of recent supplement scandals involving “amino spiking” and amino acid formulas deriving cheaper ingredients from “duck feathers” and “human hair.”  You won’t be worrying about the true ntegrity and omposition of MPA PharmGrade ™ amino acids, as jinomoto ensures every batch of amino acids is vegetarian derived and produced under cGMP conditions.

The industry is crooked — Do not be fooled by companies thinking they are clever with their conniving trickery. They might fool the consumer by purchasing (for example), L-leucine from a reputable source that is truly fermented and of quality. Then for the other BCAA’s or EAA’s they will go the cheap route and derive the remaining amino’s from an inferio, heaper source from China which is could be filled with impuritie.

Another scheme is the company will INITIALL purchase higher grade amino acids for the first few production runs —-> then slowly transition into cheaper quality products, yet still include the higher quality company logo on the bottles which completely dupes the unknowing customer. This is the harsh reality of the supplement industry and if corners can be cut, and go unnoticed, the innocent consumer will be victimized. I am on a mission to do what other companies won’t do — put out expensive high-quality products that are truly pure, proven, and effective. 

*The amino acids in MPA PharmGrade ™ uses the patented Ferment-A-Pure ™ technology which only uses natural vegetable-based carbohydrates as raw materials.*


Essential amino acids in adequate doses supplying the thre banch-cain-aino-acid leucine, isoleucine & valine mitigate mscle protein beakdown and increase mscle potein snthesis  his is proven.

Phosphatidic Acid (ediator®) is showing awesome in-the-lab results of increasing mscl potein synthesis via–>TOR activation and causing jumps in muscle growth and strength gains. I like to cover all ground and saturate the body with the best ingredients to elicit the absolute best possibility for muscle growt & uscle recovery.

My thinking is: If Bcaa’s — amely L-leucine directly triggers TOR & and if we know several research studies demonstrate hosphatidic Acid also triggers TOR, then combining these two powerhouses makes perfect sense.

You know that MPA PharmGrade™ will be beyond clinically dose which has been our reputation. I was about to release this formula with the commonly studied dose of Phosphatidi Acid — which is 750 mg per serving size. I thoughtwe better ensure 100% that this amino acid formula truly is the best of its kind and go with 800 mg per serving!  

*Note: Every other supplement company selling PA is using 750 mg per serving or much less — MPA PharmGrade ™ is the highest dosed PA product available*

Of course I couldn’t stop there — I then wanted to hit the essential aino  aid potency out of th park. Most companies will use 2 grams, maybe 3 grams (if you’re lucky) of L-leucine in their EAA or BCAA formula. Research has shown that 2. grams of L-leucine will ignite an TOR response, but I wanted to play it safe and just give you 6 grams er serving.


To put this formula into perspective, you are getting two top-shelf formula’s in one     product.

Two beyond clinically dosed and patented formulas for a steal of a pric when you piece it all out.  Mediator® dosed higher than every other brands “750 mg serving”  — versus MPA PharmGrade ™  hich i osed at 800 mg per serving. Then we give you AjiPure ™ essential aino  aids in a hefty dose per serving too — MPA Supps ensures when you do th math, you get treated fairly and exactly how I would expect to be treated — with honestyintegrity.



  $65.99 – $69.99

*common price for a Mediator® PA formul*

(28 servings)

 $39.99 – $54.99

*common price for an AjiPure™ BCAA powder*

(28 servings)


That is a grand total in the range of $100-$120 for both of these products dosed on par with MPA PharmGrade ™  

You will get both products in one formula for under $70 with MPA PharmGrade™. You will also get all 9 essential amino acids plus hydration components for good measure. This product is truly a premium grade product and no other company would have the courage to release this quality of product due to the high cost and low profit margin. I want to break the mold and release the very best products in our current era of the supplement industry.  


The athletes I train and people who follow my methods might have heard That I employ all-natural coconut water for hydration purposes. It’s chocked full of potassium as its main electrolyte, wit sodium, magnesium, & hosphorus also tagging along. MPA PharmGrade has 3000 mg o coconut water powder per serving, and also 500mg of all-natural sea saladded, which yields 25 mg of sodium.


  • Great source of alcium, ro, nzyme, agnesium, hosphorus, and anganese
  • Contain 5 electrolytes to support rapid hydration: sodiu , agnesium, alcium, potassiu and hosphorus
  • Sea Salt contains over 84 minerals & nutrients for cell signaling & bodily functions
  • Could alleviate muscle cramps intra-workout and prolong training endurance
  • Sodium (Na) + Potassium (K) help shuttle amino acids into muscle cells for muscle recovery & ypertrophy


Option 1: (Extreme Dieting)  d 1 scoop (= ½ serving) f Pharm Grade ™ to at least 2 meals per day after heavy resistance training. PharmGrade™ is recommended to be used while rigorous dieting, and aid in the prevention of lean muscle loss. You can technically reduce animal protein amounts from meals — replacing the deficit of calories with 1 scoop of PharmGrade™ to the low calorie meal yielding a muscle-preservation-effect, while lowering TOTAL calories for body fat reduction. — (2-6 scoops per day for this option)

Option 2:  (Mass-Building) d 1 scoop (= ½ serving) f PharmGrade™ in between meals to ignite an abrupt amino acid pulse — signaling mscle potein snthesis → via mTor signaling.  (2-6 scoops per day for this option)

Option 3: (Intra-Workout) dd 2-4 scoops (= 1-2 servings) of PharmGrade ™ to 48-64 ounces of water. Sip throughout your workout session, making the formula last for the entire duration. This may increase endurance and expedite muscle recovery. (2-4 scoops for this option)

*note* for option 3, depending on your carbohydrate allotment ,  you can add 25-100 grams of your choice of high-molecular weight carbohydrate powder.

As you can see from above MPA PharmGrade ™ is multi-faceted and can be used for any season — ff-season or re-contest prep.


You train like your life depends on it each day. You eat like a champion. Avoid any detriments that could interfere with your physique goals. DO NOT SETTLE for ess than perfect, low-quality, ow potency, alsely propagated BS PRODUCTS!

When you bust open a tub of MPA PharmGrade™ you can confidently smile when you see the shiny TradeMarked logos for Mediator® & AjiPure ™    displayed loud and clear on the label.

It takes premium ingredients to build a supreme physique —  PERIOD.

Remember our slogan — Professional Products. Professional Results.

-Matt Porter

Product Creator & Nutrition Coach



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• influencing, controlling or preventing conception

• testing for pregnancy

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