As far as SARM’s go, this has got to be the benchmark. Ostarine was one of the first to hit the market and is the most tried and tested there is with countless accounts of seriously impressive results when adding lean mass and dropping body fat. It was first touted as having little to no hormonal impact but many users report suppression so expect this to act like any significant Androgen on that regard – however the good news is this indicates you will receive hard earned gains and the side effects are somewhat subdued considering most users run this for op to 8 weeks confidently (no wonder they are suppressed). So if your looking for lean gains this summer and you don’t want to mess around with things that may or may not work then get the job done with Ostarine but don’t forget it can suppress so run some liver care and at least a light to full PCT, id also say less is more so go easy on the dose, some people ramp it right up and only increase the suppression – not the gains.

Your man – Caveman.

Ostarine is the best known in a class of compounds collectively referred to as SARMS or selective androgen receptor modulators. As the name implies SARMS bind to the androgen receptor in a selective way similar to how a prohormone would but without the same androgenic effects common to prohormones (androgenic effects referring to the accentuation of male sex characteristics such as enhanced central nervous system firing common to all prohormones).

Ostarine therefore is an ideal candidate for a user looking for a halfway house between natural anabolics/testosterone boosters and prohormones. Ostarine is the subject of research showing that is effects are localised in muscle tissue where it causes an increase in muscle size and strength without impacting areas such as the prostate or hairline. Anecdotal feedback suggests that use of Ostarine can translate to a muscle gains of 3-4kg of lean mass in a 4-6 week cycle while numerous studies conducted with Ostarine support this increase in muscle and strength in studies incorporating hundreds of participants in controlled settings.

Without question, Ostarine is a potent muscle and strength enhancer and aside from the anabolic effects on muscles you can also expect a mood uplift, enhanced tissue regeneration, reduction in inflammation, and increased fat loss.

Alternative to prohormones

  • Clinically proven to build muscle and strength
  • Gains of 3kg in 3-4 weeks possible
  • Targeted anabolic effects in muscle tissue only
  • Does not have any androgenic activity
  • Enhances fat loss

What Dosage is Best With Ostarine?

The dosage depends on your goals.  Ostarine can be taken by men, women, and individuals looking to treat bone issues like Osteoporosis.

The most commonly used dosage by bodybuilders is 25mg.  The range for men is 20-35mg, with the higher dose being used by men over 200lbs that are bulking.  A dose around 15mg daily is used for cutting cycles.



Results may vary from person to person

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